Here with us today is the fabberoony AJ Sinclair, who has an amazing new book out that’s—wait for it—reverse harem. Whoo hoo! This genre is so popular right now, so we’re excited to interview AJ and find out some info for you eager readers. Let’s go!

Studioenp: Silence or noise when writing?

AJ Sinclair: I must have silence when writing. No music, no talking, no people around me. And preferably no internet connection. I’m easily distracted.

Studioenp: Em is the same—uses earplugs at times, too, to block out sounds from outside. What’s your latest release?

AJ: In Her Company – Death’s Relentless Dance, Book 1. It’s a reverse harem romance in an apocalyptic setting.

Studioenp: We love the idea of the apocalyptic setting—something different. How did the plot come about for it?

AJ: I was getting bored writing contemporary romance, and a friend, Marissa Farrar, suggested that I write reverse harem. RH is a romance sub-genre featuring a female main character and three or more male main characters as love interests. I said no, there’s no way I could write all that sex, but oddly enough, sex isn’t the focus of the story. I couldn’t make the relationship work in a contemporary setting, so I raised the stakes and exposed them all to a killer virus. I’d been toying with the idea of writing something post-apocalyptic ever since I got hooked on The Walking Dead a couple of years ago. I put the two genres together and ta-da!

Studioenp: Oh, we love Marissa! And the killer virus sounds like Em’s cup of tea. How long did it take you to write it?

AJ: A few months. I have a day job, a seven-year-old, and a husband, so they demand most of my time.

Studioenp: You sound like a very busy woman. What’s next on your writing list?

AJ: Book 2 in the Death’s Relentless Dance series – Under Her Covers. The virus mutates and Indie and her men face hell.

Studioenp: Oh, so cruel yet so wonderful for readers muhahaha. Are you a plotter or panster?

AJ: Plotster. Everyone knows how a romance will end, so the story is in the journey. I plan the main points, but getting from one point to the next often surprises me.

Studioenp: Those surprises make writing so worthwhile. What is your go-to form of procrastination?

AJ: Daydreaming. I still play with my imaginary friends.

Studioenp: We’d imagine there are many adults out there who still have their imaginary friends. Gets you through the day, eh? How many hours per week do you write?

AJ: Not enough. I get an hour or two in the morning if I’m lucky.

Studioenp: Precious times. What’s one genre you’ve always wanted to write but haven’t—and will you ever write it?

AJ: I love writing romance because it has so many subgenres and it spawns more all the time. I’ve been wanting to write post-apocalyptic for a while, so here I am. Reverse harem gave me the push I needed.

Studioenp: Brilliant! What’s the best book you’ve written?

AJ: I’m most proud of In Her Company because I published it with a great team to support me, including Studioenp and their amazing cover. But I think my best book is the second contemporary romance I wrote as Amelia James, Secret Storm. It’s about a brooding hero with a tragic past searching for love. I just want to take him home and give him a hug—with my thighs. 😉

Studioenp: Ahahahahahah! And on that note—and imagery!—we’ll move along to thanking you for being with us today. We wish you much success with your writing career and hope you’ll come back again someday.

For your pleasure, dear readers, here is an excerpt for you to get your eyes on!

Blurb for In Her Company – Death’s Relentless Dance, Book 1:

Four men, one woman, everything to live for.

How does an ordinary woman measure up when she’s named after a legendary hero?

Dr. Indiana Jones has spent her life working to make the world a better place, so when the Scarlet Infection seizes Denver in its bloody, fevered grip, she fights back with her microscope. The city falls apart under quarantine, and Indie is trapped in her lab. She finds the cure. Now she has to get it out.

Only four strong, intelligent, dangerous men have survived of the one hundred fifty the Army sent to keep order. They arrest Indie, but she enlists their company to help her escape the quarantine. Their task is impossible and failure after failure send them spiraling into despair. But among the ruins, reckless love grows. Not just once but five times over. Can they make their unique relationship work? And will they live long enough to try when death’s relentless dance goes on and on…


Warning: Graphic Content, Sexual Situations with MMMMF interaction, For Adults Only

Excerpt for In Her Company – Death’s Relentless Dance, Book 1:

“We just want breakfast.” Indie stepped forward. “A donut or a muffin. Even a box of cereal to share would be enough.”

Cody spotted the door to the pantry standing slightly ajar. As you wish, doc. He slipped inside while the others argued and pleaded. The place had been picked nearly bare, but he managed to find a bag of powdered mini donuts, a muffin wrapped in plastic, and a box of Lucky Charms. He grabbed a bag of ground coffee, knowing genius Eli would find a way to make a percolator. The café had gone quiet, and Cody peeked through the gap in the pantry door. Austin and Indie walked by, followed by Jack and Eli. Cody stepped out and blended in with the camouflage-wearing group like he’d been there all along.

Austin stomped down the stairs. “Is it worth the trouble to search the rest of the building?”

Eli shook his head. “I only saw one restaurant on the directory.”

They spilled out of the stairwell into the lobby, gathering around Indie as had become their custom. “Options,” Austin snapped, the snarl on his face revealing he was fresh out of ideas.

Cody pulled the box of cereal from his backpack. “Let’s eat.” He handed the box to Austin then presented the muffin to Indie. “As ordered, doc.”

She gasped. “Did you steal this for me?”

“I’d do a lot worse for you, Indie.”

She smiled and her fingertips brushed his scruffy cheek. He closed his eyes, and his lips found hers, sweet and soft, and oh-so melty good. Just like he’d imagined she’d feel. Her hand slid into his hair, and he slipped an arm around her waist, her warm body curving into his. Lord, how he’d love to sink into this woman. Slow, hot, and simmering.

“Ahem.” Jack cleared his throat. “Gonna share that with the rest of us?”

Cody pushed back and blinked. Jack eyed the muffin.

“Oh.” His face heated. Shit, am I blushing? “I’ve only got one muffin, but I nabbed a whole bag of donuts.” He pulled them out of his pack.

“I’m not going to ask how you acquired those, Sergeant.” Austin stuffed a whole donut in his mouth. “Well done.”

“And I’m hoping you can work your magic with this.” Cody handed the coffee to Eli.

Eli’s eyes lit up. “I need water, heat, and a pot.”

“Go,” Austin ordered.

Jack and Cody searched nearby empty offices and brought back a coffee maker, a bottle of water, and five mugs. They sat down in the lobby chairs and shared their contraband food and invigorating coffee.

“All right.” Austin polished off his coffee and stood. “We’ll go to the hospital and kick this virus’ ass.”

“Yeehaw!” Cody raised his mug.

Jack scowled at him. “We’re not in Texas.”

“Sorry. Felt like a yeehaw moment.”

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