Please welcome Ana Lee Kennedy to the StudioBlog. We have known Ana for years, so it’s a pleasure to have her here with us today. Sit back and enjoy the interview!

Studioenp: What’s your favourite drink and why?

Ana Lee: Vanilla chai tea with Splenda and a dribble of creamer. The aroma of the spices and vanilla is very soothing. When I’m really stressed at night, I can enjoy a cup and it helps calm me.


Studioenp: Yummy! What’s on your bucket list?

Ana Lee: I’ve had these strange dreams for years that I go to France. I’ve never been there and really have no desire to go there, but the dreams are so vivid and detailed I wouldn’t be surprised if I do end up traveling to France. As for a bucket-list country, I prefer Ireland or Italy. I’d love to visit Venice.


Studioenp: France here, too. We’d love to live there. If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?

Ana Lee: Moist fluffy cake with chocolate icing. I can’t have sugar, so this is one of the treats I seldom indulge in.


Studioenp: Aww. Those things we can’t have always become what we want. Grr. What’s your phobia and why?

Ana Lee: Snakes. When I was a little girl, my parents decided to tear out a cellar house behind our home because they kept finding various snakes in the yard. When they began pulling the rocks out of the walls, there were nests upon nests of snakes from copper heads to grass snakes to hissing vipers and more. They were slithering everywhere and jumbled up in big, writhing balls. My dad was yelling for me to get in the house so I was literally leaping over bundles of snakes to reach the door. To this day I have nightmares about snakes.


Studioenp: That sounds horrific! In your spare time—if you have any!—what’s the thing you do that makes you feel the most you?

Ana Lee: I love to watch movies with the hubby. A good movie inspires me with all sorts of story ideas.


Studioenp: And takes us away from the stresses of life. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Ana Lee: I’m an extrovert. I don’t have a problem talking to anyone, and it seems people find me easy to talk to. I could be waiting for a bus and learn the life history of the person sitting next to me.


Studioenp: LOL. Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know.

Ana Lee: At the time I’m answering this, I will turn fifty in five months. I worry that I’ll never see my dreams come true and, if they do finally come true, I’ll be too old to truly enjoy them.


Studioenp: Aww. That feeling of life slipping by and being unable to stop it. We get that. If money were no object, what’s the first thing you’d buy just for yourself?

Ana Lee: I’d buy all the things I want for an amazing study/studio. I am a traditional artist, too, so I’d indulge in art supplies, a great drafting table, etc., and for the writing side of me, I’d trick out my office right down to inspiring Van Gogh prints and a beautiful, very large desk. Come to think of it, after all that stuff is purchased I’d need a bigger studio/office, right down to wall-to-wall shelves and a fireplace.


Studioenp: Sounds lush. What’s one outrageous thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage?

Ana Lee: A tattoo. I was raised as the preacher’s kid, so that was one of many no-nos. Now I think I’m just too old for something like that, but if I did get one, it would be on my neck because the hair on the back of my head is super short. My oldest daughter has a neck tattoo, and I think it looks so cool. Mine would probably be a dragon, maybe a tree of life, or possibly an elegant tat of something writing related.


Studioenp: Get one. As soon as possible. What if you regret not getting it later? And who cares about age anyway? I bet you feel young inside. So do it. This is an order. What’s the best thing you’ve ever done? (It’ll be that tattoo you’re GOING to get, right?)

Ana Lee: I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything remarkable, but I believe my more serious books are pretty good!


Studioenp: Aww. Thank you so much for being with us today. We wish you many sales on your fantastic book—everyone needs to read it!

Dear readers, please indulge in some Chinese takeaway on the table over there. We don’t want to offer sugary treats as it isn’t fair to Ana. Enjoy!

Blurb for Heaven Has Curves:

Even beauty has flaws.

Luna Moonstone, half Lustonian, half human, is a creature of inherent carnal desires. She’s capable of little emotion, but oh what a heavenly body. She enjoys sex wherever and with whomever she can, including her favorite lover, Crater Bob, owner of a mainstay freighter.

When a DEA case goes horribly awry, Luna switches to Universal Alliances tax division. Soon, she’s forced back to the DEA, investigating the wealthiest and most conniving business mogul in several galaxies—Bodacious Bertha. UA creates a small team, partnering Luna with Crack, a Fourpeck Fire Heathen, and Petunia, a hyperactive Ripstinger. They investigate the deaths caused by Femdrene, a mineral supplement produced by Bendlight Enterprises. The case leads them to a heinous act on Cerulea 2 that goes down in the history of every galaxy, branding lifelong scars on each team member’s psyche.

However, things grow complicated between Luna and Crater Bob. She wants to enjoy her partner, who satisfies her every sexual desire, but has Bob possibly awakened her heart? None of it will matter if the killer Luna is tracking reaches her first.

Excerpt for Heaven Has Curves:

Luna Moonstone strode into Crater Bob’s and steeled herself for the numerous one-liners and abrasive advances she’d undoubtedly get in this dive. Not that she wouldn’t mind a wild fuck with someone interesting, but business came first. She had to stay focused on her job instead of allowing her inherent carnal nature take over. After all, if she let her duties as lead investigator for Universal Alliances slide, she’d never get caught up on work, nor would she ever hear the end of it from her superiors, especially Mr. Stellarman. As long as she stayed on top of all the money flows, the head honchos allowed her to do as she pleased, plus the salary was too good to pass up.


She paused at the edge of the lounge. Crater Bob’s was her least favorite check-in stop. She adored her fuck buddies and friends here, but the riotous bar scene, bright flickering lights, and loud, often annoying alien music, wore her down and gave her headaches. She loved a hard fuck with Friggly, but the sooner she met with him the sooner she could get the hell off this piece-of-shit freighter and move on to the next poor excuse for a planet, space station, or asteroid on her schedule. Once she stepped out into the fray of off-duty personnel, most of which were males, the battle of wits and pheromones would begin. It was the same at each post she had to visit. Her looks and body created turmoil among humans, physically compatible aliens, and even those who weren’t, such as the Insectoids and Reptilians, who would still hover around her until she wanted to open fire on them.


At that thought, Luna frowned. The last time she’d lost her temper had garnered her the nickname Lunatic. Hell, even though she’d been cleared of the charges, the name had stuck, and her reputation as a hard-nosed psychotic bitch now followed her throughout most galaxies.


She straightened her stance, placed her hand on the neurostun strapped under her boobs, and walked out into the middle of the tables scattered across the wide metallic floor.


As expected, a hulking humanoid stood and blocked her path. “Mmm-mmm! Boys, take a look at this piece of prime pussy,” the male said in stilted English. “I’m betting you’re a fifty-fifty, aren’t you?” He slid his hungry gaze down her body then back up. “Oh yeah. No question about it. Only a fifty-fifty could be so fucking tasty.” He grinned, but it looked more like an animal baring its fangs. “How about we find a quiet place and get to know each other? I’ve got two days off with nothing to do but drink and jack off. No point in wasting my”—he cupped himself, hefted his crotch, then released it—“big cocks when I can stuff your hole instead.”


Accustomed to the crudeness of most males, especially laborers and mineral dealers, she didn’t even blink an eye at his foul speech. Although Luna hadn’t seen a Fourpeck Fire Heathen before, she’d heard about them and how the race was struggling to save a slowly dying home planet. The ones who feared the worst were already infiltrating the Wavelength Galaxy to find jobs and establish homes elsewhere.


She stared up at the male. Fuck, he was a big one for sure. And she admitted he was easy on the eyes. Although obviously alien, he possessed many human characteristics. The brute stood toe to toe with her and boldly palmed her pussy. She remained unflinching despite the surge of desire that tingled in her cunt. It was an odd reaction for her since she liked to get to know a sexual partner before she got fired up. Maintaining her placid façade, Luna kept staring directly into his yellow eyes. Grinning even wider, he found the slot in the crotch of her shorts and tapped his finger against her exposed clit. The electrical zings his action shot through her folds and into her core almost unhinged her. If she started getting wet, he’d know he’d gotten to her, and her bold façade would be ruined. No way could she allow herself to be at the mercy of this huge, most likely well-hung, humanoid.

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