Please welcome the wonderfully talented Anny Cook to the StudioBlog. Em has known Anny for years—too many to count!—and absolutely loves her world-building and fascinating stories. It’s our pleasure to have Anny with us today, so grab a chair and settle down to enjoy our chat.

Studioenp: What’s your favourite drink and why?

Anny Cook: Water. Now I sound really unexciting, don’t I? Well…you also can’t make coffee, tea, hot chocolate without water. And water helps flush extra sodium and sugar from the body. Oh, shoot. I just like water!

Studioenp: LOL. Know what you mean. We used to hate water, but as we’ve got older, it’s seemed to have become more refreshing than any other drink. Water and buckets go together, so, what’s on your bucket list?

Anny Cook: Hmmm. Why did I pick this questionnaire? Bucket list… I’m really a hermit who hates to go outside, let alone anywhere else. One of the things on my bucket list was to stay at Nora Roberts’ Inn at Boonsboro, in the Roarke and Eve room. The hunk arranged that last December for our 50th anniversary.

I guess my next thing would be to have Thanksgiving Dinner at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts.

I would also like to learn how to spin yarn. And how to weave. Yeah, I know I’m weird. But then, I’m the one who gathered acorns, processed them, and made apple-acorn muffins, so how weird is that?

Studioenp: Weird is good. And we’re with you on being hermits. That hunk of yours sounds like a keeper. He deserves a big hug! Or a slap-up meal. Talking of food, if you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?

Anny Cook: Actually, I do eat the same breakfast every morning. Toast (homemade bread), cheese, egg, and bacon. Now if you’re talking about an evening meal, I suppose it would be chili. Ground beef, tomato sauce, onions, peppers, and beans. We have it a couple times a week. Healthy, low sodium (because I don’t add any) and filling. High protein, too!

Studioenp: You could be Em’s twin with that menu! What’s your phobia and why?

Anny Cook: Phobia, eh? Well, it’s not exactly a phobia. I really don’t do well with heights…something to do with bad balance and inner ear problems. All the usual stuff like bugs and snakes and such…I had a boyfriend when I was in 5th grade who was really into the critters. I wanted to impress him, so I was, too. Besides, I grew up in Arizona where such critters reign!

Studioenp: Shudder on the critters. They are so…critterish! In your spare time—if you have any!—what’s the thing you do that makes you feel the most you?

Anny Cook: Oh, calligraphy. It engages all my senses. It requires creativity, control, design, and patience. And at the end, you have a permanent keepsake.

Studioenp: Paul would like to take up calligraphy. Em did it at school and got so much ink on herself she kind of fell out of love with it. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Anny Cook: Introvert! I’m a hermit at heart, but since I moved over 40 times in my life, I can masquerade as an extrovert. I can talk about almost anything to anyone at any time. But my preference? Stay in my room and read.

Studioenp: Yes, seriously Em’s twin. Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know.

Anny Cook: I have an extremely active inner imaginary life (good thing other people can’t read my mind!). I can entertain myself for hours making up stories and imagining what-if scenarios.  

Studioenp: Sounds a fabulous pastime! If money were no object, what’s the first thing you’d buy just for yourself?

Anny Cook: I honestly have no idea. I’ve reached the stage in my life when there’s really nothing I want. I suppose if I had to choose one thing, I would purchase a fabulous drafting table for my calligraphy. I have no idea where I would put it, but that’s an entirely different question, isn’t it?

Studioenp: Well, you could do a what-if scenario and work out where you’d put it lol. What’s one outrageous thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage?

Anny Cook: Dear me…must I confess I’ve already done all the outrageous stuff back before the Internet age? Sooooo grateful I got all that stuff out of my system back then. Yes. Good job, me!

Studioenp: Hahaha. No record of it anywhere! Sensible you. What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

Anny Cook: Reared children who are independent, self-supporting, stand-on-their- own-feet adults. The ones who have children are excellent, responsible parents. I think we spend too much time raising our children to be successful, instead of concentrating on raising them to be good people.

Studioenp: We so agree with that. Good, happy people is what we aimed for when raising our kids. The rest then falls into place. Aww, your proudness shines through. Well, it’s been lovely having you—we’re sad this is at an end. Please come back soon as it’s been a pleasure.

Dear readers, allow yourself to fall into one of Anny’s worlds!

Blurb for Kama Sutra Lovers:

Paradise, on the planet Elyria—land of the matchmaker arranged tri-marriage. Noting the heated desires Hart, Arik, and Giosetta kept hidden, their matchmaker decided to give them a nudge toward tying the knot. Kama Sutra cards with erotic suggestions started turning up in surprising places. Never slow to take a hint, Arik and Hart quickly arranged a hot naughty encounter for Giosetta that opened their own eyes to all the sexy possibilities in a loving threesome. Two men, one woman, and a life so hot it rates five fans.

That’s the way it was supposed to be. But somebody is trying to kill them so they’re on the run, forced to fit their honeymoon in stolen moments while fighting off the Assassin’s Guild, carnivorous spiders and piecing together the puzzle of why their tri-marriage is under attack. Only by solving the mystery will they finally find their happily ever after.

Excerpt for Kama Sutra Lovers:

In her room, Giosetta sat motionless, replaying the little scene in her mind. It wasn’t the first time the men had kissed, she decided. Their body language said that they were too comfortable with touching for that to be true. And there was no struggle for control. That had clearly been shared as they took turns being the aggressor.

Puzzled by the strange little vignette, she hopped off the window seat and went into the bathroom to comb her hair and apply fresh lip gloss. Call her stupid, but she had to go down there to Hart’s carriage house and find out exactly what was going on. Something about the scene was off. She looked at herself in the mirror, noting the sparkle in her dark brown eyes and the flushed cheeks.

All right, so the whole thing turned her on. She wanted to watch them fuck. Shocked at the notion, she waited for it to repulse her and then acknowledged the truth. The idea of the men as lovers had always lurked in her fantasies.

Abruptly, she turned back to the bedroom and removed her sundress. Tossing it on the bed, she slipped out of her underwear and stood in front of the mirror, staring at her body. She was tall and built with generous proportions. Her heavy rounded breasts had deep rose nipples that stood hard and erect. She tugged them briefly before running a questing hand over her hips, turning to look at her ass in the mirror. No cellulite dimples yet, but if she quit exercising that would eventually be a problem.

With her fingers, she peeled her puffy labia back and turned to study her reflection in the mirror. She was slippery and wet and had difficulty holding them open. Her little clit was barely visible, but she knew it wouldn’t take much stimulation to make herself come.

With sudden determination, she pulled the pale yellow sundress over her head, shimmying until the folds fell into place. Her tight nipples poked at the material, obvious and excited. She paused for a moment to look around her room one last time. She didn’t plan to be a virgin when she returned. Her eyes lit on the bedside table with her secret stash of “just-in-case” condoms. Then she shook her head. No. She was willing to bet her trust money that her men were well prepared.

Slipping her sandals on, she sashayed out the door like a woman on a mission. She was going cock hunting and she planned to bag more than one.

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