Please welcome some of the authors from Beautiful Skin: A People of Color Anthology. It has been an amazing journey to get this book published—and we’ll be doing it all over again with Paranormal in Color—stay tuned!

Half the royalties go to a sickle cell charity, so if you’re inclined to give to those in need, this is your chance. For now, sit back and enjoy this interview, where the authors give us an insight into their lives.

Studioenp: What’s your favourite drink and why?

Remmy D: Fuzzy nipple—as for why…*giggles* really?

Nichelle Gregory: Chardonnay! I’m my most creative after a glass or two.

Kendra Mei: Peach Bellini—the ones from Moxies. It’s a slushie with alcohol—need I say more?

Kait Gamble: Green tea because I like the scent and the flavour, especially when it’s infused with jasmine. If I can’t have that then ice water is my go-to. Boring, I know, but I find it perfectly refreshing.

Eloreen: Kahlua and Cream. It was the second legal drink I had when I turned twenty-one, purchased by my parents. The first was Strawberry Daiquiri, and I didn’t like the rum. 🙂

Theresa Hodge: Lemonade is my favorite beverage to drink. I love the sweet, tart taste and how it refreshes me on a hot summer’s day.

Sharita/BLMorticia: If you mean alcoholic it’s Jack Daniels and Coke. The burn, yummy. It’s not all that healthy, but Jack is the best whiskey in the world. Non-alcoholic? Coca Cola. Yes, I know, shame on me.

Hadley Raydeen: Arnold Palmer (half ice tea, half lemonade). Especially in the summer; it’s super refreshing on hot day.

Katy Swann: Depending on the time of day it would have to be either Prosecco or coffee. The Danish chocolate milk, Cocio, comes a close second. You can buy it in some UK stores now, and it always evokes happy childhood memories for me—and it’s delicious.

AM Cosgrove: Coffee. Think of it like gasoline for a well-oiled machine.


Studioenp: What’s on your bucket list?

Remmy D: Travel with my niece to South Korea. Eat ALL THE FOODS. Just to name two.

Nichelle Gregory: A month-long vacation in Tuscany!

Kendra Mei: Visit Japan. Cross-country road trip.

Kait Gamble: I have a huge bucket list! LOL! Mostly travel related. I want to touch down on every continent and just explore everything the world has to offer!

Eloreen: Visit Europe so I can see Great Britain and Germany.

Theresa Hodge: I want to vacation in Paris and write a novel in the city of love.

Sharita/BLMorticia: Other than coming to visit you, Emmy, going on a worldwide trip to Japan, Africa, Australia, and Europe. Only after I write that worldwide bestseller, I guess. (Emmy says: Aww!)

Hadley Raydeen: International travel.

Katy Swann: I would love to go on a cruise sailing up the Norwegian coast, stopping off at beautiful fjords and exploring the towns that lie north of the Arctic circle. It’s also my dream to see the Northern Lights one day, so I’d go on the cruise in the winter months in the hope that I could tick two of the top items on my list at the same time. Apart from that I’d love to learn to fly a plane and cuddle a tiger cub.

AM Cosgrove: My bucket list is so long I can’t even begin to tell you but I can say that next summer I will be finishing the second leg of my cross-country road trip with my better half and kids, which has long been on my list.


Studioenp: If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?

Remmy D: Okay, now you’re just being mean. *sigh* Same food, oxtail.

Nichelle Gregory: Sliced Roma tomatoes with black olives, fresh basil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, feta cheese, drizzled with olive oil. Fresh-baked Italian bread, served with grated or sliced parmesan cheese. A bowl of grapes and cherries, paired with a never-ending glass of Chardonnay!

Kendra Mei: Pasta—but only if it’s fresh, homemade.

Kait Gamble: Sushi!

Eloreen: I’m not a fan of eating the same food every day, but if I have to pick, it would be snow crab legs and someone to crack them for me.

Theresa Hodge: Hmm, this is a tough one because I could eat chocolate everyday, but that’s not a meal. I will have to go with pizza.

Sharita/BLMorticia: I love tacos. Anything with tacos, and I’m a happy girl.

Hadley Raydeen: Steak. Love it!

Katy Swann: I love seafood and would happily live off prawns, lobster, crab, crayfish, and seared scallops every day. If that wasn’t available, I think ice cream would come a close second.

AM Cosgrove: Sushi. Good for you and so many different options.


Studioenp: What’s your phobia and why?

Remmy D: Heights. Man wasn’t meant to live in the sky.

Nichelle Gregory: I’d have to say being in the dark with something brushing up against my leg or crawling on me!

Kendra Mei: Spiders. I mean, come on! Who thought up such a ghastly creature?

Kait Gamble: I’m pretty claustrophobic, not sure why. I just can’t stand being in enclosed spaces for a long time. Add darkness to the mix, and I’m done.

Eloreen: I’m not a fan of crowded rooms. Feels like too many people around me. I can stand them for short periods of time but then I have to go be alone for a bit to recharge.

Theresa Hodge: Yikes! I dislike snakes because I fear them. They are creeping, crawling, slithering creatures, and some are poisonous. I live in the deep south, and I have seen some humongous beasts in my lifetime.

Sharita/BLMorticia: One of my phobias is bugs. Not necessarily spiders, but I hate many insects with a passion because they give me the willies.

Hadley Raydeen: Falling down stairs. Every time I go down steps I feel like I’m going to fall. Throws my equilibrium off.

Katy Swann: I’ve had a phobia of wasps ever since I was a young child. My mother told me that she overheard my child minder threatening me the day after I’d been stung by a wasp that if I didn’t behave the wasps would come and get me. That night, I apparently woke up screaming and hallucinating that the walls were covered in wasps. My phobia is so bad that I never eat outdoors in the summer and never drive with the windows down in the car. The little bastards make my life a misery in the summer months.

AM Cosgrove: Not sure I have one exactly. I’m pretty easy-going about most things. Heights are one thing, though, that can get to me, but even that depends on the day and situation.


Studioenp: In your spare time—if you have any!—what’s the thing you do that makes you feel the most you?

Remmy D: Must. Keep. This. PG… Just kidding. But I watch a lot of movies. If I’ve had a really bad day, I whip out some of my faves like Journey to the Center of the Earth or The Mummy (1 and 2—we shall not discuss the others).

Nichelle Gregory: It’s a combination of cooking, crocheting, and singing. All three are another creative reflection of who I am.

Kendra Mei: Baths. They give me time to kind of come back to me and breathe.

Kait Gamble: I don’t have much spare time so I try to combine things, like when I’m on the stationary bike I’ll play a game at the same time. Or read while I’m in the tub. Or workout while catching up with TV shows. But I feel most at peace when I’ve got my shoes off, toes in the sand, watching the ocean. I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like, but when I do, it’s bliss.

Eloreen: Writing, along with gardening. With both, I get into a zone, and it relaxes me. When I had spare time, which hasn’t been much lately…

Theresa Hodge: Indulging in a good book, or a movie gives me great satisfaction.

Sharita/BLMorticia: Free time—what’s that? I’m not sure if it makes me feel like myself, but I do love attending concerts. I enjoy live music, mostly heavy metal or rock, but yes, I am totally in my element when I go to a show.

Hadley Raydeen: I don’t have spare time. I’m always working. I guess watching TV when I can.

Katy Swann: Sometimes I lay on the bed when there’s nobody home and stare up at the ceiling for ages. My mind starts to wander, and I often find clarity and peace in the stillness. I guess it’s a sort of mindfulness, except that it isn’t a deliberate attempt at any kind of meditation. I don’t do relaxation exercises or anything. I just let my mind go wherever it wants to. I’ve often found inspiration for my writing that way.

AM Cosgrove: I love sewing, knitting, and crocheting.


Studioenp: Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Remmy D: A weird blend between the two. Sometimes, I’m such an introvert, it hurts. Other times, I’m the opposite.

Nichelle Gregory: Well, that depends if any Chardonnay is being served. 😀 I’m an introvert by nature, but I can be very social in the right setting.

Kendra Mei: Introvert. I was never the life of any party, even my own party lol.

Kait Gamble: Extroverted introvert. I have moments where I can socialize a socialite under the table and others where I need to be completely alone. But I’m most at ease when I’m doing my own thing without any company.

Eloreen: Definite introvert! I can play an extrovert for short periods of time, but I do have to recharge in my safe space, and usually alone.

Theresa Hodge: I’m an introvert with some extrovert tendencies. I guess that’s the Gemini in me.

Sharita/BLMorticia: As time has worn on, I’ve become more of an introvert. I used to be unafraid to talk to people and be around people in general. Now, I’m like, ugh, do I have to people today?

Hadley Raydeen: I appear extroverted, but I’m very introverted.

Katy Swann: This is going to sound weird, but I’m a bit of both. I think most people who know me would say I’m an extrovert—I love meeting people and socialising, but I also have moments when I feel quite shy or have a need to be alone. If I meet a group of people for the first time, I tend to put on a confident front when I’m really feeling a bit uncomfortable.

AM Cosgrove: Extroverted introvert, actually. Once ya get me going, I don’t stop talking. Haha.


Studioenp: Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know.

Remmy D: Can I just answer If I tell you I’d have to kill you? No…didn’t think so. Um…if I could, I’d never wear clothes.

Nichelle Gregory: I play the violin.

Kendra Mei: Um…well…I pick my nose in the shower. What? You have to clean it somehow, right?

Kait Gamble: I’m a human magpie. If it shimmers or sparkles, I’m all over it. People use me to find lost jewellery in sand/grass etc.

Eloreen: Anything space related is my favorite thing as a hobby besides writing. I also have a B.A. in Astrophysics. 😀

Theresa Hodge: I almost drowned when I was twelve years old.

Sharita/BLMorticia: Hmm. That I don’t like scary movies? I know, I know. I write paranormal and have written some gnarly stuff under Michael Mandrake, but seriously, I don’t like scary movies. Horror on TV or the bog screen isn’t my thing.

Hadley Raydeen: If people don’t know it, it’s because I don’t want them to know. Lol.

Katy Swann: I used to smoke over forty cigarettes a day (an old habit from my sailing days). One day, about twenty years ago, I decided to quit and went from forty to zero overnight, and I haven’t smoked since.

AM Cosgrove: I absolutely do not like the color pink. Do not.


Studioenp: If money were no object, what’s the first thing you’d buy just for yourself?

Remmy D: A 1969 Ferrari Dino (it’s a car).

Nichelle Gregory: A beach house.

Kendra Mei: Does Jason Statham count? No? Drats—didn’t think so. Well, have you seen the movie The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and Nicki Minaj? Remember that beach house? That…I’d buy that.

Kait Gamble: I have no idea. Probably a trip around the world so I can finish off my bucket list!

Eloreen: Practical answer: Pay off mortgages and debt. Truly impractical? A cruise in the European area of the world for a week or so.

Theresa Hodge: A new car.

Sharita/BLMorticia: Probably a car. I’m very simplistic. I don’t shop a lot or carry a purse, so yeah, a Jaguar.

Hadley Raydeen: A trip to the Maldives by myself.

Katy Swann: I would buy a flat overlooking the ocean with a writing desk by a window looking out to sea. It’s my dream that when my husband retires we can move to the coast and maybe, just maybe, my dream could come true.

AM Cosgrove: I’d fly to Jamaica and get myself a freshly brewed cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.


Studioenp: What’s one outrageous thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage?

Remmy D: Go on a spur-of-the-moment vacation.

Nichelle Gregory: Zip-lining!

Kendra Mei: Take a day off work and spend it in bed.

Kait Gamble: Go ice climbing. I would have done when I was younger, but now…no way.

Eloreen: Get my writing published independently. Baby steps with this anthology.

Theresa Hodge: Honestly, I haven’t decided yet.

Sharita/BLMorticia: I can’t think of anything. I’m so boring! *laughs*

Hadley Raydeen: Zip-lining.

Katy Swann: This isn’t particularly outrageous, perhaps daring is a better word, but I’d kind of like to jump out of a plane, although when it actually came to it, I’d probably chicken out.

AM Cosgrove: Bungee jump off a bridge? Don’t worry, I think that’s coming next summer if I am clear medically.


Studioenp: What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

Remmy D: Eat pizza in Naples.

Nichelle Gregory: Hmm. This is difficult to answer. I’d have to say making my kids laugh. Becoming a mom—being a mom is the best (hardest) thing I’ve ever done.

Kendra Mei: Go to my first Kpop concert. Yes, I’m a nerd. Yes, I embrace the nerdom fully!

Kait Gamble: This is going to be a bit vague, but when I said to hell with my doubts and just dove into the life I have now.

Eloreen: My children and my partners.

Theresa Hodge: Gave birth to my beautiful daughter.

Hadley Raydeen: Seeing the ocean for the first time.

Katy Swann: Marry my husband and give birth to my children. After that, I’d say giving up smoking and start writing.

AM Cosgrove: My kids are my greatest accomplishment. Seeing all the good they put out into the world makes me incredibly proud.


Studioenp: Thank you so much for being part of this anthology and sharing parts of yourself here today. Love you all oodles! Here’s to the next book…and the next, and the next…

Dear readers, you know the drill. Food is over there on the table. Today we have a massive cake to celebrate the release of Beautiful Skin, complete with one candle for book one. One day we will have ten candles! Diversity rocks!

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