Please welcome Evernight Teen authors, E. L. Reedy and A. M. Wade to the StudioBlog. How exciting! We’re always so happy to ‘meet’ new-to-us people. So, without a moment of dilly-dallying, let’s get this show on the road! Whee!

Studioenp: What’s your favourite drink and why?

Elmer: Coke Zero. Water is for summer, and with constantly watching sugar intake, it’s the one diet drink that tastes good.

Ann: Iced tea, because it reminds me of the happy times in my childhood and it’s a drink that can be enjoyed year-round.


Studioenp: Coke Zero was a go-to drink for us at one time, but now it’s water all the way. Getting older and trying to be healthy sucks. LOL. What’s on your bucket list?

Elmer: I wish to visit any and every castle in Europe. Being a huge fantasy fan, I would love to see the reality-based setting where so many stories take place.

Ann: A visit to Ireland. It’s where we came from, it’s a beautiful place. It’s just always fascinated me.


Studioenp: What a great idea, Elmer! Wonder if the reality is as good as it looks on TV? And Ireland—yes, that’s meant to be a really nice place. If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?

Elmer: I kind of already do. (Does coffee count as one of the food groups?) Coffee and toast in the morning—every morning.

Ann: Peanut butter toast and hash browns. Perfectly done—that means tasty and crispy, not the soggy kind.


Studioenp: LOL @ coffee being one of the food groups. And hash browns, they make Em shudder. Glad you like them, though, Ann! What’s your phobia and why?

Elmer: Awakening to a day when I have no furry critters about. There are four cats in our household. As kids, we always had one or two inside, the rest outside. They just help make life complete and I despise incompleteness.

Ann: Not being able to take care of my family. Whether it just be there to listen or just share a hug. I’m getting older and I don’t want to miss what’s important.


Studioenp: Aww. In your spare time—if you have any!—what’s the thing you do that makes you feel the most you?

Elmer: When not at my day job, or writing, or editing, or brainstorming, I am a huge movie buff (not TV but movies). I love—besides young-adult/family flicks—big budget fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and certain love stories have gotten my attention!

Ann: Yarncraft—knitting and crocheting. I like to create pretty things and to share them with others. I’m also an avid book reader/listener (audio-books)


Studioenp: Fabulous pastimes! Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Elmer: Both. It depends on the situation. Once I get to know people, they can’t shut me up. But when with strangers, I am most quiet… But I listen… To everything.

Ann: A little bit of both. I love to be surrounded by family, but I am quite comfortable being on my own for some quiet time.


Studioenp: Listening to everything—good trait for an author. And, yes, being comfortable on your own is a good sign that you’ve learned to like yourself. Brilliant! Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know.

Elmer: I started writing in 2001 and wrote the first draft of our novel Upon Broken Wings. The original version was my own attempt to deal with the loss of someone very close to our family. It worked great as an outlet, but the story wasn’t ready to yet to show anyone. When I partnered with Ann Wade, my sister, we tore it down to the foundations and rebuilt it, so to speak.

Ann: I took four years of Latin in HS. It has been a great help not only in our writing, but also in helping to pick up context in stories or phrases I’ve heard or read in the Latin-based (romance) languages.


Studioenp: Writing can be so cathartic. And Latin! Wow! If money were no object, what’s the first thing you’d buy just for yourself?

Elmer: A signed copy of each of the books by David and Leigh Eddings in the Belgariad and the Mallorean. Also, each of the Dragonlance books by Weis and Hickman. Whichever one I found first, that would be first.

Ann: The most decked-out, super-charged Dodge Charger, in metallic blue. The coolest car in town!


Studioenp: Both wonderful purchases! What’s one outrageous thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage?

Elmer: Skydiving! I don’t have a fear of heights per se, but I do have a rather intense fear of impacting after a fall.

Ann: Public speaking. Up until this point I’ve not done it in front of strangers, unless you count HS. Guess now, I’ll have to face my fear.


Studioenp: Facing fears is so liberating. Do it! What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

Elmer: Many years ago, after graduating from Navy Basic at Great Lakes in Illinois, some fellow graduates and I, in uniform, went to the nearest Six Flags and while there, a really timid mother of a teenage girl with Down Syndrome told us her daughter really loved sailors and wondered if one of us would take a pic with her. We all did, and the intense joy it brought the young lady… To say it was phenomenal was an understatement.

Ann: Several years ago, a friend and I had the opportunity to get autographed pictures of an actress from Deep Space Nine. I stood in line for over an hour and was ready to tell her my name when my friend starts almost sobbing because she already had hers, but they would only give pics to those who were present. I gave her name instead of mine for the autograph. When I gave her mom the picture, she almost cried. I didn’t think it was that much of a hardship—make her happy, lighten up her day a little. A few years later, when she passed away, her daughter made sure I got the pic back. I keep it, not for the autograph, but for the memory of a nice lady who got a smile and was remembered long after.


Studioenp: Wow, you both sound like wonderful people. Big hugs to you. And thank you so much for being here. It’s been great getting to know you. Brilliant that you are working together. We wish you well!

Dear readers, on the table today is a huge strawberry gateau. Cut yourself a slice, pour your drink of choice, and enjoy the following excerpt!

Blurb for Upon Broken Wings:

To save their souls, a high-functioning Autistic boy, unaware that he is dead, must convince a suicidal comatose boy to choose to live.

Bound by a dark act of hate and despair, high school freshmen, Andrew and Kiernan, learn that their untimely deaths did not bring an end to their pain, but only began the suffering of those left behind. While his lost memories return, Andrew must master seemingly impossible feats, both spiritual and physical. As a dark spirit stalks Kiernan through the borderlands of life and death, he must also face the pain his actions have caused his loved ones. To save both their souls, Andrew must convince Kiernan to return to life and open his eyes to the love and beauty which had always been there.

Excerpt for Upon Broken Wings:

I froze with a start for a second and dropped my forgotten Styrofoam cup, scattering mostly ice and a bit of watered down cola across the floor. I had seen my brother simultaneously in two places, and that is a lot for anyone of any age to wrap their heads around.

He was lying in the bed of course, motionless except for his breathing, which was handled by the Life Support System, but at the same time. I clearly saw him standing close to our mother, Kylie, or at least a shimmery version of him and he was looking back at me, appearing as perplexed as I was.

I shuddered, shaking my head in denial of what at that time, I assumed was impossible, and slipped in beneath my mother’s arm and sought a hint of comfort, as I snuggled against her. “Mommy, let’s go to the church room,” I pleaded. “You know, that one room with the pretty windows and candles.”

A quick glance revealed no further evidence of the apparition and I eyed the laboring machines with discomfort. “It’s quiet,” I murmured. “And no ghosts there,” I added too quiet for my mother to hear.

Kylie brushed my bangs to one side, but as resilient as any child’s unruly hair, they slid back, covering one eye completely. I really needed a trim, but caught up in our family’s catastrophe, such a need fell, like so many other things, to the wayside.

“What if your brother wakes up?” she retorted, “and no one’s here? He’d feel helpless—so alone. No idea where he’s at. Why he’s—”

I pulled away from my mother, interrupting. I was hurting and feeling rather neglected at the time. “Mommy, I have to tell you something about—”

She reached out cupping my hand and made a feeble effort to draw me back to her. “Maybe you’re just too young to understand,” she said distantly. “You are only—”

I whipped my hand free and took two steps back from her, saying something I regret even to this day. “So, if I have an accident like Kiernan, hurt myself like he did, then maybe you’d start caring about me again.”

My mother returned for a time—the mother that had always loved and protected Kiernan and myself, swept me up into a tight hug. As we both cried, she patted my back and made gentle soothing sounds. “Never think that,” she said, kissing my forehead and sighing, torn between her two sons, both of us needing her for very different reasons. “A visit to the chapel, even a short one, will help us both I think.”

We separated and just looked at one another until she reached out and offered me her hand. I forgave her fallibility and accepted, holding her hand against my cheek. My tears fell over her fingers and we just stood there, beginning to heal one another of wounds neither of us realized we had endured.

About E.L. Reedy:

Elmer as born and raised in Iowa, where he devoured tomes of fantasy, sci-fi, and young adult novels as a child. Though as a previous he has travelled the world as a soldier in the U.S. Army, he now lives in Iowa, where with his writing partner, he continues to pen works in the realms of Fantasy and Horror in the Young Adult Universe.



About A.M. Wade:

As the only girl in a family with five boys, she readily escaped into fantasy, sci-fi, and other fiction novels. Traveling through most of the US, she enjoys using scenery and characteristics of the different states in the story adventures she created for the little ones in her family.   Now, she writes sci-fi, fantasy and horror with a lifelong co-conspirator.

Having lost numerous friends and associates, and even children from our home town over the years to suicide, we wrote Upon Broken Wings, as told from the POV of a young witness, to teach that suicide is not an end, but rather a beginning of unimaginable pain for those left behind and that there is always hope if we choose life.



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