Please welcome the wonderful Marvin Proctor Jr. to the StudioBlog. Marvin is a lovely person, and his imagination is amazing. Sit yourself down and enjoy our chat!

Studioenp: Silence or noise when writing?

Marvin: For me, I personally prefer stilled silence. But, on rare occasion, in a setting where lively activities are happening, like parks or bookstores, I can deal with it as a mode of inspiration.


Studioenp: Silence all the way here. What’s your latest release?

Marvin: My latest release to date is Meyrick’s Twisted Path to Alpha. A wolf-shifter, looking to find his way in life, for understanding.


Studioenp: This is one of Em’s favourite books. How did the plot come about for it?

Marvin: What can I say… That’s a pretty loaded question, seeing how I had a blessed childhood, with my parents and friends. I did, however, go through a dark time in my development that was out of my control. I had to work with a child psychologist to combat my emotional trauma about things that were done to me by supposedly loving family members. One of the therapies from my doctor was to write… LOL. Anything they said.

So, at nine years old, I started to write, mostly about things that made me feel safe and secure, such as superheroes and so forth. In mid-grade, I developed a character I trusted and wanted to see grown and build a network of friends around her. Hence the birth of Kyra Mathews. Boy, there were many grand adventures I gave her. So, in high school, I started my first real draft of a completed story, called Striking Reflections, over six hundred written pages long, which later I refined into Eve of Dark Horizons during my senior class year of high school. The book laid dormant for some years after that, as I became a musician and computer scientist.

But, a couple of years ago, a fellow friend and author told me I should bring my stories to life for an audience to enjoy and explore, and thus I did. So, Eve of Dark Horizons covers many spectrums of genres: sci-fi, paranormal, romance, drama, mystery, dark fantasy, mythical and Dogma. Shifters, dragons, wizards, super heroes, mad scientist, government conspiracies and then some, are all wrapped in this complex, multi-verse world.


Studioenp: Wow. Sounds amazing! How long did it take you to write Meyrick?

Marvin: It took me three months, and another month of edits.


Studioenp: What’s next on your writing list?

Marvin: LOL. The Chronicles of Magnus: The Immortal Ice Lord. Finding Excalibur. A story of a great all-powerful Crystalline-Ice dragon, who lives in the mortal would as a human, while finding his purpose after his world was destroyed because of man’s existence.


Studioenp: Em is soooo excited! Magnus is her favourite of all your characters. Plotter or panster?

Marvin: Ahh, tricky one! I am in-between. I love to plot and plan my outlines of the stories to be. But, while in the throes of writing, I tend to allow my characters to breathe their own life, even when that takes a detour from my intended destination. I find writing to be most enjoyable that way; sometimes, I don’t see the twist and turns that lie ahead.


Studioenp: What is your go-to form of procrastination?

Marvin: Hmm, I do find procrastination an issue from time to time. I try to avoid it as much as possible. My easy guilt is my niece and nephew. I tend to use them as my scapegoats to my work of proofing and edits. Oh, and Facebook, guilty as sin there. LOL.


Studioenp: LOL. How many hours per week do you write?

Marvin: On average, I sling out about five to six hours per day—writing, editing, or proofing. Most of the time, researching—hint: my guilty pleasure of social media hopping.


Studioenp: What’s one genre you’ve always wanted to write but haven’t—and will you ever write it?

Marvin: A nice chiller that doesn’t border the mundane tropes out there. Maybe in time. I must work on my craft.


Studioenp: What’s the best book you’ve written?

Marvin: All books thus far feel like my best. But at the present, I’m enjoying Meyrick’s storyline. So raw and emotional. But I do fear my true love is going to be Magnus’ story when completed. What can I say, the guy is literally a beast, no pun intended.


Studioenp: LOL. But a wonderful beast. Thank you for being here with us today. We wish you many sales!

Dear readers, today’s virtual food offering is doughnuts covered in sugar sprinkles. Sod the diet, just dive in!

Blurb for Meyrick’s Twisted Path to Alpha:

Gryndean village is hidden from the world by a protection spell, keeping the inhabitants safe from harm. Alesia, the Alpha of the wolf pack, is with cub and soon to give birth. However, in the past, her births haven’t gone well, and this one is no exception.

Meyrick is born, a son, but not all is as it seems. He appears mundane—a human—and once he reaches his late teens, he will have to leave the village. Only wolves can remain when they reach adulthood.

But when Meyrick is seven, something happens—something wonderful and miraculous as well as frightening and downright evil—and Meyrick finds there is more to him than even he thought. Hunters are on his trail. They want to rid the realm of a mundane such as him and to find the hidden, enchanted seal given to him by an angel upon his birth—a seal Meyrick is unaware of. Meyrick must prove he is worthy to fight them off. There is help from The Ice Wizard—a young-looking but ancient being—and all the villagers as well as Meyrick’s dearest friend Marcus, little Cloe, and a surprising offer of solidarity from one of his foes, Nolan.

Will they defeat the hunters? Will the villagers accept the new Meyrick? But most of all, will Meyrick accept himself when he finds out what and who he truly is?

Excerpt for Meyrick’s Twisted Path to Alpha:

Stunned beyond belief, Morein is frozen to act. She’s never seen such a savage birth. Alesia is silent and mutilated from the stomach down. Morein nears the cub, giving it an accurate inspection. First, she sees the cub is female and in full wolf form, primarily white all over except for the top of her head and midway down her little back.


* * * *


Now the birth has concluded, Alesia’s regenerative powers resurface and heal her body, but slower than normal. With her human eyes, Alesia sees the cub trying to breathe, steam escaping her little lungs. Morein morphs into her nude female form and cleans the cub for Alesia, as she is still healing.


“It’s a girl, my lady. Strong and beautiful. If I didn’t know better, she almost looks like a Prime with all that white in her coat,” Morein speculates, with wonder in her bedazzled brown eyes.


Alesia, her arms and upper torso now in full human form, asks for the cub while Morein helps by tending to Alesia’s open wounds. Alesia looks into the cub’s tiny, perfect face, and the cub’s eyes open to reveal something amazing. One eye is golden like hers, while the other is violet. Never seeing such a color on any wolf, she marvels with great pride, for this baby is truly special.


Morein, finally controlling all of Alesia’s excessive bleeding to a stop, says with clear, piqued interest, “Have you thought of a name for the little one, my lady?”


Great pride fills her being, and Alesia looks into the cub’s eyes again. “I had a name, but I must wait to see her human form first.”


As if on cue, the cub’s violet eye glows bright, and suddenly the cub transforms into something completely unexpected. The infant child has a penis. The child is a boy, yet the wolf is clearly female. Never has this been seen or heard of in all the wolf peoples’ history. The baby seems perfectly healthy and has the cutest of dimples in its cheeks. While the left eye of the girl-wolf was violet, the right eye of the boy’s is violet, with amber in his left. His hair is curly ginger, and his skin is bright and toasty golden. His contentment switches to a painful cry as his violet eye turns amber to match the other.


Alesia is speechless and stares at her aide. “This mustn’t be known to the clan. Something has made my dear child this way, and I don’t want the village’s superstitions to go haywire.”


“Yes, my lady. I assuredly understand. This is a hushed matter, but how will you stop him or her from transforming as many younglings do?”


“There is an old rite I can perform in my Alpha state, given to me by the Lady in White, to bind his natural wolf from manifesting. People will think he’s only human, or a mundane, as well call them a failed wolf-man, and even less an Alpha to-be. But I have no need of such worries right now, Morein. All that matters is his safety and protection. Time will work things out. But first I must completely heal.” And with a smile, Alesia says, “His name shall be Meyrick Jenson.”

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