It’s release day for the fab Miski Harris, so please join us in welcoming her to the StudioBlog for a book birthday shindig!

Studioenp: Pepsi or Coke—or something else?

Miski: When I drink cola it’s definitely Pepsi. I haven’t been a fan of Coke since they changed the formula (for those who remember New Coke). Even when they allegedly changed it back it has never been the same again. My mainstay drink is ginger ale.


Studioenp: Yum! Ginger ale is lush. Which season do you like best and why?

Miski: My favourite season is spring. It’s a time of renewal and restart. The weather is pleasant—not too hot or too cool, and everything is in full bloom.


Studioenp: Yeah, spring is nice, as is autumn. Looking forward to autumn right now—thus summer’s heat…phew! What’s your fondest childhood memory?

Miski: Wow. I have so many. When my husband and I were children, we used to always get into trouble together. He and I were the oldest in our families and as such, were supposed to set the example for the younger ones. Our families used to picnic and barbeque in Riverside Drive Park neat the George Washington Bridge. We were exploring (as we called it) and found a wild peach tree. We climbed in the tree and ate so many of those green peaches we were sick for a week. It was great! My mom couldn’t believe I was such a tomboy, and I couldn’t understand her dilemma. He and I still laugh about those “adventures” today and wonder how we got out of some of them alive


Studioenp: Hahah! Childhood sweethearts…aww. Do you have a best friend—who is it?

Miski: My best friend Taliah, who is also a childhood friend. We met when she moved to New York from North Carolina. We don’t see each other often these days, but we stay in touch and can pick up where we left off like it was yesterday.

If I can, I want to say something about the best friend I had in life, my aunt Louise. Louise was an out and proud lesbian when they would throw stones at you. She was an amazing athlete as a young woman and my biggest cheerleader. I think she would be equally amazed at the progress the LGBTQ community has made. I know she would have married her partner. When I think I can’t make a scene come together, I know it’s her voice that I hear in my head.


Studioenp: Well, now. That brought a lump to the throat. Hug. Do you have any quirks?

Miski: I think I am such a mish-mash of styles and ideas that I am a quirk personified.


Studioenp: LOL. Post-it notes or notebook?

Miski: Notebook. I hate when I lose those little pieces of paper, especially if I wrote something important on it so—notebook.


Studioenp: Yeah, and they stick where they shouldn’t. What do you do to relax?

Miski: I listen to music while I read, knit, crochet or sew.


Studioenp: Lovely! Perfect three-course meal?

Miski: Appetizer: Caesar salad with tomatoes. Main Course: Grilled lamb chops with asparagus and brown rice. Desert: Pound cake covered with chocolate ice cream.


Studioenp: Yummy! Sound delicious. What type of music do you enjoy?

Miski: I like it all at times, depending on my mood, but my go-to favourites are jazz (think Joe Sample, Grover Washington Jr., Earl Klugh, Bob James) jazz fusion (think Kenny G., Jeff Lorber) and Rhythm & Blues.


Studioenp: A great mixture. Do you dance like no one’s watching?

Miski: All the time!


Studioenp: Hooray! Well, once again it’s been fab having you here. Congratulations on your first release today, and may you have many sales.

Dear readers, today’s offering is Miski’s perfect three-course meal. Tuck in, why don’t you, and leave with a bursting belly!

About Miski Harris:

Miski Harris was born and raised in New York City with her younger brother and sister. She became and worked as a critical care nurse, served in the military, raised five amazing sons and traveled to other countries, sometimes, all at the same time. When Miski sets her mind to achieve something there is no force on earth that can stop her.

Through all the organized chaos that has often defined her life her one constant has been her love of books. Reading has always been a mainstay in her life and she is rarely seen without her Nook on which she has reportedly downloaded over 2,000 books. A woman of boundless imagination, she has always desired to give life to the characters who maintained residence in her imagination. With that in mind, she has finally put pen in hand to fulfill a lifelong desire to write books of her own.

Ask anyone who knows Miski to use one word to describe her and they would say fierce. A prior military commander once defined her as a “tender warrior”. Friends, patients, and associates have always found a strong advocate in this woman who is not afraid to speak her mind.

Miski believes three things: challenge is just another word to define worlds to conquer and lines to cross; love and faith are the most powerful forces in the universe, and the only thing that hinders success is to fail to try. With that in mind, she invites you to join her in a world where love is second to nothing and life is the greatest adventure of all.





Blurb for Don't Ask Don't Tell:

Staff Sargent Elijah Jackson, EJ to his friends, joined the Air Force hoping for refuge from the mess his life had become. For almost ten years he enjoyed new life, success, and love, in spite of the closet he was forced to hide in by the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military policy. One day it all comes crashing down around him. Now he’s back home with serious decisions to make and a very short time to decide how to salvage his life while healing his heart.

Betrayed by his lover and partner, Dr. Dale Chenault left California and his fledgling practice behind. In Sayville, he’s found a home for his counseling service, and on the surface, seems to have his life in order. The truth is some of the decisions Dale made have become a stumbling block in his ability to rebuild the breach in his heart and by extension, his life.

When Dale and EJ meet the chemistry between them is hot but the pain of past betrayals is strong, and trust seems impossible to build. Will they be able to move past what has been to create a future together?

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a story of love, trust, betrayal and second chances with an HEA.

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