Please welcome Philandis Stovall to the StudioBlog. We’re so pleased to have her here, so grab yourself a cherry bun and a drink of your choice, and settle back to get to know Philandis along with us!

Studioenp: So, if you were in an elevator with your favourite writer and had to tell about yourself in sixty seconds, what would you say?




My name is Philandis (Philly) Stovall, multitalented, passionate, and creative. I love your work 1, 2, and 3 (name a few). Thank you for being who you are, ripping down doors and setting the tone for other writers to move in their personal essence. You are appreciated. 

Here’s my card.

Please stay in touch. 



Studioenp: Very nice! What is your currently published/to be published work, and what inspired you to write it?


Philandis: The work I will be publishing is a memoir. My life, my family, my family-friends experiences and experiences of others have inspired my writings since I was a little girl. 


Also, purpose!


Purpose inspired me to write my book. 


With Even Through the Storm, I felt and knew from the very beginning of my family’s cancer journey, that we weren’t just going through the storm just to go through it. I knew it was a greater message and purpose within. We were the chosen vessels to help deliver that. 


Studioenp: Heart-warming! How do you develop your characters in your stories?


Philandis: It was a known personal story, so the characters are who they are. No sugarcoating. They are relatable to one person or another in the world. No perfection needed. Life is concrete. Honest to God. 


Studioenp: Brilliant! Apart from writing, what are some other things you are into?


Philandis: I am into speaking, modeling, music (singer-songwriter), acting, forensic science, and being an entrepreneur and a full-time mother of two beautiful children. 


Studioenp: You sound a busy person! How do you balance your writing with your daily life?


Philandis: I easily balance writing with my daily life, because I write when inspiration hits me. When writing off of inspiration, there is never a forced feeling, the pressure and/or a headache.


Studioenp: Yes, best to write when you’re in the mood. If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you be instead?


Philandis: I would still be working in the other areas I’m already pursuing: music, modeling, acting, entrepreneur etc.


Studioenp: Cool. Any future works coming this way? What are you working on nowadays?


Philandis: There are future works and other incredible projects coming, so stay tuned. I don’t want to give anything away before it’s time. 


Studioenp: Ah, secret projects! What are some good ways to reach you to let you know your work’s appreciated?


Philandis: Here are my social links 🙂




Studioenp: What advice would you leave for those who want to become writers?


Philandis: I would tell other writers/authors to let the words flow from an honest place. Don’t worry about if your writings are too raw, the word count, and if your writings are too long or not long enough. You continue to write until the inspiration and thoughts stop flowing. The great thing about being a writer is you can always pick your writings back up where you left off. Also, you can recreate them. You must love your own work first. Love your work. Don’t seek validation in that manner. It’s your story, your visions, your art; someone will feel you and relate to your pieces. And hard work pays off completely overtime, so don’t give up!


Studioenp: Great advice! Lastly, how about a laugh? Leave us with a favourite joke!


Philandis: How do you befriend a squirrel?

Just act like a nut.


I know more jokes, but we’ll stick with that one for now, lol. 


Studioenp: LOL. Thanks for the laugh—and for being here with us today. It was a pleasure to have you. We wish you well in all your endeavours.

Blurb for Even Through the Storm:


Even Through the Storm is the story of one mom’s journey from despair to triumph! In 2012, Author Philandis Stovall’s four-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. She found herself in a zone where all she wanted was peace and quiet. “I was searching for sense in a situation that made no sense to me.” Alone with her thoughts, Philandis desperately wanted to ‘wake up’ from what felt like a nightmare.


However, she was wide awake. This wasn’t a dream. This was reality and she was forced with the choice of retreating into the devastation or fighting her way through the storm. Finding herself on an unexpected and unwelcome path, the young mother could feel a rebirth happening. With each day and event, she found herself growing stronger and stronger. Her son, who had been born a completely healthy baby, was just diagnosed with cancer! “I didn’t have time to cope; I simply had to learn to deal with it.” Even Through the Storm is her story of leaning on faith and having hope when the situation seems hopeless.


After all, isn’t that what mothers do?

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