Please welcome the awesome, the brilliant, the funny Remmy Duchene to the Studioenp blog. We first encountered Remmy quite some time ago now, and she’s so passionate about her writing—and so dedicated, too—that it’s astounding. And as for her writing—Heaven on a page. Honestly. So without further ado, let the interview begin!

Studioenp: Pepsi or Coke—or something else?

Remmy: Neither. I can’t drink the stuff because of an allergy to caffeine. But when I used to indulge, Coke was my go-to.

Studioenp: Ah, we’re sorry to hear about your allergy (inserting a squishy hug here). Talking of allergies makes us think about summer and hay fever. So, which season do you like best and why?

Remmy: Summer. This means no jacket or winter gloves or scarfs unless it’s those cute ones we wear all year round. I get to spend more time outside, roaming the city with my niece finding new restaurants to try etc.

Studioenp: Sounds like superb fun. Summer is so lovely. Running around free as a bird when a kid sticks in our minds. What’s your fondest childhood memory?

Remmy: Swimming in the river with my friends. Being born in Jamaica, we were very poor and didn’t have the luxury of air conditioning. So, on really hot days, we would venture down to the water and just go crazy. Good times.

Studioenp: Ah, they’re the best. Nice to recall such memories, and you painted quite a vivid picture there with just a few words. Moving along now… Do you have a best friend—who is it?

Remmy: Yes. Her name is Tania. Her and I have been friends for quite a few years now, and even after so long, I can always run to her when the world is being unfair—which is a lot lol. But seriously, I’ve never had to question if she loves me, even though it took her a few years to admit it lol.

Studioenp: LOL! A best friend accepts you as you are, quirks and all. Do you have any quirks?

Remmy: Ooh boy. Um—how much time you got?—I have tons. But for the sake of behaving we will keep it PG. Let’s see here—writing quirk, I have to have music to write most things… I now have taken to listening to War Ready from the new Pacific Rim to write fight scenes.

Studioenp: How cool! We’re wondering how you keep track of plots and such. Do you use Post-It notes or a notebook?

Remmy: Notebook all the way. Aside from the fact they are cheaper these days, notebooks for me are too big for me to lose. Post Its lose their stickie and fall off places all the time. I used to hate that.

Studioenp: Yes, that would bug Em to no end. Like, turn her into a raging monster for a few seconds each time one dropped off wherever she’d stuck it. Mind you, having said that, she’s more relaxed about stuff like that these days. What do you do to relax?

Remmy: Most often than not, I listen to music. To relax to maybe instrumentals from my favorite Korean Dramas or eighties and early nineties music. Summertime, I take walks down to the lake. I love watching the sun on the water. Or I grab my camera and roam the city.

Studioenp: The images that produces… Makes us want to finish off your jaunt by visiting a restaurant. What’s your perfect three-course meal?

Remmy: Ohhh okay, for starters, fried green plantains, nicely seasoned. Main, oxtail (seasoned with Jamaican spices and cinnamon) with rice and peas. Dessert, rum and raisin ice cream—yum.

Studioenp: That does sound yum. And with tunes softly playing the background while eating, even better. What type of music do you enjoy?

Remmy: Wow—my niece would tell you that’s a dangerous subject. But let me try and keep it short. I listen to basically anything. I swear the people at iTunes are looking at my purchase history and thinking WTF? I blow through a lot of iTunes cards on music from all over. Reggae, rock, soft rock, blues, RnB, country etc. I also have a love of Asian music so Korean pop and hip hop, Japanese rock, Chinese pop—basically if the music makes me feel something, I will listen. I will give any artist a try a few times before dismissing something. I also love my indie artists like Blake McGrath and Dan Talevski and RyanDan… So music is my JAM!

Studioenp: So we’re guessing, but do you dance like no one’s watching?

Remmy: Often. My niece and best friend always facepalm because I tend to dance in public places. If I hear music to dance to, I dance. Funny story: My BFF and I were on our way to a nightclub one night. We were early and stopped at a Second Cup to grab something to drink and wait. They started playing I’m Sexy and I know it by LMFAO, and I was behind her doing the pelvic thrust. She was so embarrassed, and all I could do was smile proudly. It was great times. I’m totally embarrassing like that.

Studioenp: You sound a blast, and it’s been brilliant having you with us today. Thanks for joining us, and we hope to have you here again soon!

So, dear readers, feast your eyes on Remmy’s excerpt. Yeehar!

Blurb for Whispers of Love:

Hilo Adachi learned one very important lesson from his father—unconditional love is a sham that always comes with strings attached.

Broken and alone, he works as a bike messenger while moonlighting as a graphic designer. When he meets Matthew Ellington, the last thing Hilo is looking for his love, but how can he deny the fact that one look from Matthew’s beautiful, brown eyes leaves him yearning for things he has no right to? How could he possibly imagine he deserves a man like Matthew?

Matthew Ellington has it all—a successful clothing line, a loving family and money. But he’s missing love and while he isn’t actively looking, he isn’t going to ignore it should love come along. The moment he lays eyes on Hilo, he knows he wants him. But Hilo’s demons keep getting in the way.

Matthew is a fighter, and Hilo’s demons have met their match.

Excerpt from Whispers of Love:

Mornings should be illegal.

I wasn’t sure what time it was but I knew I hadn’t had that much sleep. The phone ringing further annoyed me but I stuck my hand from under the sheets to grab it. “Yeah, hello?” I grumbled.

“Matt, aren’t you up yet?” My sister Jennifer asked. “You’re wastin’ daylight!”

I groaned and pushed my head out to see the clock. “It’s just six in the morning. Why are you awake already?”

“Because we’re getting together today. I have to get stuff done at the office first.”

“So, you thought you’d wake me up to suffer with you?”

Jennifer giggled. “Man, you need to get laid.”

“Seriously? What’s up?”

“I wanted to remind you about our lunch date.”

“Okay, my brain has been warned. Can I go back to sleep now?”

“Oh lord, fine. You know, I blame dad for you being such a grumpy morning person.”

“I love you too. Bye.”

Before she could say another word, I hung up. With that done, I slithered back under my mountain of blankets like a turtle into its shell. Don’t get me wrong. I adored my sister. But she was one of those strange morning people who seem to wake up smiling. Most times I could imagine her running through a field of sunflowers with her arms out, twirling while It’s a Beautiful Morning played in the background.

I grumbled and closed my eyes—

The next time I was jarred awake, my alarm clock was blaring. My eyes felt as though someone had tossed sand in them. Still, I climbed out of bed, stripped it down so it would be easier for the maid and folded the sheets. I set them on the floor as usual then gathered all my dirty laundry. Once those were squared away in the normal place, I took a shower, shaped up my facial hair then dressed in black suit with a blood red shirt underneath and a black tie.

I brushed my low cut hair after adding some moisturizer then dabbed on some aftershave.

If I played everything right, I could be done before it was time to meet my sister for our usual lunch. I stopped long enough to make myself coffee before gathering some designs, my cell and wallet and headed for the door.

On the ride down to the parking garage from my penthouse, the messenger sprang into my head. I wanted to know him. There was a way to get the information about him that I needed but, I felt a strange sense of embarrassment asking Francesca. She had been with me for years and we’d become close friends. She could read me like a book and would know just how much this beautiful man made my blood heat.

There had to be another way.

There had been something about him—it wasn’t merely due to his slender, muscular frame, his dark hair tied back in a ponytail or his lush, pink lips. No—there was something about the way he’d stared at me, the way he seemed frozen as our gazes locked. I longed to have fire that flash in a man’s eyes at the mere glance or thought of me.

I set my things on the backseat except my coffee then climbed behind the wheel. For a breath, I remained there, sipping from the hot fuel that would propel me toward my lunch break. In that silence I allowed myself to bask in the thought of the bike messenger. As he came back to me, larger than life, I licked my lips, feeling a sense of primitive fire surge through my veins.

I didn’t even know this man’s name—

—but he was mine.

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