Please welcome the lovely Tanya Chris to the StudioBlog. Em was lucky enough to create Tanya’s cover, which is how she met Tanya. A brilliant person to work with, Tanya deserves all good things with her new release. So let’s get cracking with this interview, shall we?

Studioenp: Silence or noise when writing?

Tanya: Definitely silence. I need to be able to hear my characters’ voices.

Studioenp: We can relate to that. Music with lyrics or a TV show in the background can be so off-putting. What’s your latest release?

Tanya: High Lonesome (available for pre-order starting 20th March and releasing on 3rd April) is a suspenseful M/M/M about three guys trapped in a snowstorm, none of whom are what they seem. Tanner’s a heroin addict on the verge of selling state secrets, Pyotr’s a double agent, and Joe has a past he’s not ready to share. There’s a lot of internal tension as they work out each other’s secrets but also external tension because when the snow lifts, it allows a predator in.

Studioenp: Oooh, a predator. We’re all for suspense! How did the plot come about for it?

Tanya: I love reading M/M/M and also ‘stuck together’ tropes so I combined the two. I wanted to have three very different men in my ménage and I think I pulled that off.

Studioenp: Brilliant! Yes, observing people who are stuck together is enthralling. Big Brother, for instance. How long did it take you to write it?

Tanya: I’m a numbers geek so I have that exact answer! It took 84 hours over 43 days to write the first draft, but total time to publish will be about 160 hours and 232 days.

Studioenp: Hahah! What a fascinating quirk you have. What’s next on your writing list?

Tanya: I’m currently writing an enemies-to-lovers romance that takes place after a plane crash, a la Lost. So the ‘stuck together’ trope again but with two strong alpha males who need to learn to cooperate with each other and their fellow survivors in order to be rescued. And of course they fall in love.

Studioenp: Of course! That’s a book Em would like to read. Are you a plotter or panster?

Tanya: Pantser all the way. I just told you almost everything I know about the book I’m writing, LOL. The rest I’ll find out as I go.

Studioenp: It’s great doing that. Especially when surprises appear on their own. What is your go-to form of procrastination?

Tanya: Social media. I’m a big reader, but I don’t consider that procrastination. It’s the Twitter and Facebook breaks that derail my writing.

Studioenp: Yes, you can get sucked down the rabbit hole, so to speak, and time disappears on you. How many hours per week do you write?

Tanya: To be oddly specific, twenty-eight. I write (which can include editing and business-type things like formatting books or requesting reviews) four hours a day, seven days a week.

Studioenp: So you have a good routine in place, then. Fab! What’s one genre you’ve always wanted to write but haven’t—and will you ever write it?

Tanya: Another favourite romance trope of mine is amnesia. I have an idea, so that might be my next book.

Studioenp: Oooh. Again, Em would like to read that one. What’s the best book you’ve written?

Tanya: I like to think they keep getting better. The one that has sold the best is Aftercare, which is a BDSM romance about a new, reluctant Dom and an experienced sub whose husband/Dom died. The ones I re-read myself, for my own enjoyment, tend to be the shorter, kinkier ones. I know what I like when it comes to erotica.

Studioenp: Ah, that’s a great premise. We imagine it’s quite emotional, too. You and your plots may well make a dent in Em’s reading fund at this rate. Well, sadly it’s time to say goodbye, but hopefully not for long. We’d love to have you back when your next book releases. Thank you for being here today!

Dear readers, here we go with a blurb and excerpt for you to dive into. While you’re at it, have a little nibble on the chocolate-filled croissants down there on the coffee table. And feel free to pour yourself a drink, too. Enjoy!

Blurb for High Lonesome:

Joe doesn’t live on top of a mountain because he loves people. A late summer snowstorm is the perfect chance to send his customers down to lower altitude and enjoy a few days of solo strolls and fireside naps.

Tanner’s not staying at a high-altitude hut to admire the scenery. He’s got a date to keep with the sort of person you don’t want to disappoint, a date that’ll result in him earning some much-needed cash in exchange for what’s left of his self-respect. But that’s OK. He gave up on self-respect when he picked up the needle anyway.

Pyotr didn’t drop into a blizzard to rescue Tanner or to drag Joe back down to the real world. His mission is a lot colder than that. People are only pawns, and spies are only heroes to those who don’t know them.

Hermit, addict, spy. Three men, one snowstorm, zero reason to trust. And someone’s coming …

Content warning: this book contains on-page heroin use and detox. A brief argument follows the reveal of a character’s HIV status.

Excerpt for High Lonesome:

“We getting drunk tonight?” Pyotr asked as he watched Joe fill their shot glasses.

“We’re playing a game. You’ve heard of Truth or Dare? Well, tonight we’re going to play a game called Truth and Also Truth. Drink up.”

Pyotr knocked back his vodka while Joe did the same with the tequila. Tanner took a tentative sip from his glass like it was a tea cup, but he followed the first sip with another.

“What are we telling the truth about?” Pyotr asked.

“Good question. So far, I’d say not much. You’ve both been lying to me. I don’t know why you two are here, but you do. Both of you. You want to fill me in on what I’m missing?” He refilled their glasses.

Pyotr spun his shot glass around, sloshing some of the liquid over the rim. Joe was his kind of bartender, filling to the top, not to the line. Joe nodded at him and he went ahead and slammed the shot back, feeling it burn down his throat and warm his stomach. If Joe’s plan was to get him drunk enough to spill state secrets, it might just work. He was tired—tired of lying to everyone about everything, tired of being lied to back.

“You know why I’m here,” he said. “It was bunk here or freeze to death out there.”

“Or you could’ve stayed in the helicopter you rode in on.”

About Tanya Chris:

Tanya writes in a variety of romantic and erotic genres, being an avid follower of many of these genres herself. Some of her favorites are M/M romance, MFM threesomes, and BDSM with male submissives.

Tanya lives in New England with her boyfriend and her cat and has participated in many of the activities about which she writes, but not all of them. It's left to the reader to decide which are which.



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