You Should Always Judge Your Book By its Cover!
Because, in all honesty, everyone else will, and we all do it anyway! A book cover is our first impression of a book, and every book cover should have a certain wow factor. However much we like to think we don’t pick a book based on its cover, we don't believe we would get as far as reading a book’s blurb if we weren't attracted by it in the first instance.

We love to make beautiful, unique covers, but we also like to create covers that have some representation of the genre the book belongs to. The reason for this is that we find it makes life easier for customers to locate the books they’re most likely to enjoy when browsing online.

Our book covers are Amazon ready, and we never, ever sell the same cover twice. As soon as someone buys it, then it no longer becomes available for anyone else, no exceptions.

If you are in the market for a new cover, why not have a browse in our premade gallery? We have a wide variety of beautiful covers that can be personalised to your book. If you can't see anything there, we can also make you a custom cover to fit your requirements. Those are more expensive, which is why each cover is quoted individually.

You also receive a free promo pack with any cover purchase, worth £25.00/$33.00.
(Promo pack contains a social media patch, Facebook header, Twitter header & rack card).